Saturday, March 18, 2017

Garmin Vivoactive HR gps

Well, had the watch for 3 weeks now. Great watch, works well. No real issues other then it takes several attempts to connect to your phone the first time you pair it. Same goes with the Garmin Index scale. The one thing i really like about this watch that no other HR watch does, Its water proof for 50 feet. Went swimming with it several time and no problems. I'm a sweat monster, I even sweat in the winter time and no issues with watch. I have banged it around for a little bit but keeps working.

  Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch with Wrist Based Heart Rate - Regular WW, Black

The battery life is good. I charge it once a week, 10 days no problem. When you use the GPS on full on. it can last for 2 to 3 days plus. Charging is a snap. you can get a full charge in about an hour. Hooks up easy to Garmin express. If you already have a Garmin product, GPS etc., it will connect fast and easy. If you travel, you will have to take your charging cord since its there version and not a standard micro USB. I purchased an addition cord at best buy, it was on sale for $19.99 but Im a tech gagdet guy and always like to be prepared. My over all experience is awesome.
 I hike so whats nice is that i can keep my phone in my pack and still see the notifications, calls and text message that I received on my watch. It will not interfere with Bluetooth headphones. I use Beats by Dre wireless over the ear headphones and they work great. My phone can be tucked in my pack get a call, see who's calling on my watch and then answer it through the beats head phone. The down side is you cant respond through you watch for text, and emails.. Now there is a app I've seen where you can download and gives you pre-programmed replies you can send. Another plus is that if you run races, marathons obviously your not going to run with your phone. With the built in GPS it will track your route and time without having your phone on you. Once you your done and close to your watch it will automatically sync with your phone. Sync's with Garmin connect app. Great watch, highly recommended.